Sensory Book
(my Little Emmy playing)
My sweet nephew, Kayden, was diagnosed with Autism last November (2011)…and our education began.  Well, I would love to say I knew all the ins-n-outs of Autism before his diagnosis but that would be far from the truth. Truth is, I had very little knowledge and still have TONS to learn.  

I have been somewhat educated since then by studying information on the “World Wide Web”, borrowing books here and there and, of course, learned some of the most important aspects of Autism from Kayden’s mom, my sister,Tiffany. She is amazing!!!

One thing Tiffany has taught me is how important Sensory is to children with special needs.  She shared this with me:

Sensory Integration:  Sensory processing refers to a child’s ability to process information from their body and the environment to use for meaningful activities.

I recently saw a sensory board online and was inspired, I decided to design and sew a sensory book for Kayden’s 3rd Birthday.  Below are some fun pics and my step-by-step DIY!
Pages of fun!
Along comes Emmy…and the fun has begun!
Touching. Scratching. Rubbing. 

Cuddling and Loving!

My Sensory Book Tutorial:

1.  Find some textured fabrics-I used scraps of upholstery fabrics.
(If interested I can bundle up some textured remnants for $5…just let me know)
2. Print my  Sensory Book Hand Template (click on link not pic)
3. Cut out 4 pieces of denim measuring: 9″ X 18″ 
(that’s the size I prefer…feel free to make it your own)
4.  Fold denim in half, right sides together. Lay hand on top of wrong side of denim and trace hand.
5. Cut out hand. Fold denim in half again and trace second hand to create two symmetrical hands.
6.  Cut out second hand. Repeat for all 4 pieces of denim.


Pin hand to one of your textured fabrics. 

Lay denim, with cutout, across the hand template.

Pin denim to textured fabric. I start pinning between the fingers… just makes it easier.

8.  Sew, with a wide zigzag stitch, around the entire hand.
9.  Repeat step 7 & 8 for all 8 hands. Creating 4 panels of with 2 hands each.

10. Take 2 panels of denim (4 hands), put the wrong sides of fabric together and sew along all edges of the rectangle. Repeat for the last 2 pieces of denim. This creates 2 very thick panels.

11. Mark center of panels and pin together. Sew a straight stitch seam down middle, securing the two panels together.

 12. To reinforce the straight stitch, I zigzag stitched along each side of the center stitch.

 13. Fold closed on the center straight stitch and you are finished!

Your very own… 

Sensory Book!!!
 PAGE 1 & 2
 PAGE 3 & 4
 PAGE 5 &6
For everyone to enjoy!!!

At the end of the day feel free to toss it in the toy box…
the kiddos are sure find it in the morning, 
and the fun continues!

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